Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Birthday Bash and Virtual Ebook Fair Today! Don't miss the Party!!!! Enter Now!!!

I just LOVE Birthdays they are sooo much fun! This weekend just HAPPENS to be my BIRTHDAY!!!! So this weekend's VIRTUAL EBOOK FAIR is going to be extra special. I'm inviting all my author friends to drop by and share their excerpts and some of them are even giving away a book or two. YOU won't want to miss this week.

Busy? That doesn't matter. You don't have to come and stay....drop by all during the day and pop in and out. The fun will be there from 9 am til 10 pm est.

If you're an author and would like to participate please drop me an email and I'll get you all set up.

Oh, and Please Sign my Virtual Party Book by Joining the Event so I'll have a record of your visit. Oh, and be sure to look my excerpts up as well. I love sharing my characters with all of you!

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Doors open to the Virtual Ebook Fair - Share an Excerpt Saturday Event at
9 am Saturday, April 20, 2013- just click on the image above to enter the fair and sample to your heart's delight.
Many thanks to the authors who've
worked so hard to put this event together.
Be sure to comment on their threads to let them know you've been.
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This week's Giveaway Ebooks are compliments of
their respective authors and will be sent via the authors.

This weeks Ebooks up for Giveaway Today! Thanks to the authors!

Dream Doctor
by JJ DiBenedetto
Paranormal Romance/Suspense

"“I didn’t expect to be woken up by someone I don’t know dreaming about killing somebody. I thought I was done with that once and for all…”

But Sara’s not done with it. As if adjusting to life as a newlywed and starting medical school weren’t difficult enough, she’s started seeing the dreams of everyone around her, again.

Before everything is said and done, those dreams might destroy Sara’s hopes of becoming a doctor, wreck her marriage and even end her life…

“Dream Doctor” is the thrilling second novel in the Dreams series."
Finding My Escape
by Fran Veal
YA Thriller
My life was shattered when I walked in on to find my parents being murdered.
He almost got me, too. The killer, I mean. The police say it was a home invasion,
but I don't believe it. I just wish the nightmares would stop. The same thing
every night, reliving it. Tripping over dad's body. Hearing my mother
scream. I can't take this any more!

So I run. I run to forget. I run to get away.

And then I meet Josh. He helps me forget, for a while, anyway.

He's absolutely perfect.  Or is he... 
Living with Your Past Selves
by Bill Hiatt
Young Adult Fantasy

Many teenagers struggle to find their identity, but for Taliesin Weaver, that struggle has become life or death--and not just for him. Tal, as he prefers to be called, believes in reincarnation, and with good reason. When he turned 12, his mind was nearly shattered by a flood of memories, memories of his past lives, hundreds of them. Somehow, Tal managed to pull himself together and even to make good use of the lessons learned and skills developed in those previous lives. He even had the ability to work magic--literally--and there was no denying that was cool. No, his life wasn't perfect, but he was managing. Now, four years later, his best friend, Stan, has begun to suspect his secret, and Stan isn't the only one. Suddenly, Tal is under attack from a mysterious enemy and under the protection of an equally mysterious friend whose agenda Tal can't quite figure out. He learns he is not the only one who can work magic and certainly not the only one who can remember the past. He realizes there is something that he is not remembering, something that could save his life or end it, some reason for the attacks on him that, as they escalate, threaten not only him but everyone he loves as well. In an effort to save them, he will have to risk not only his life, but even his soul.


Rip Tide
by Brian Bigelow
A violent killer from the past...
A horror author from the present...

Jack the Ripper only took a break and now he's back. Phineas Smith is a struggling author trying to write his next novel. Together, they end up sharing one body after a visit to a museum. It's a life changing event for both in this story of the macabre. Find out what happens for yourself as you delve into the book.

This story originated with a nightmare and became so much more in the twisted fertile imagination of Mr Bigelow.

• Excerpt from the book:

A dense swirling fog began to form in the middle of the pentagram and enveloped Jeremy as he stood there. He coughed at the acrid taste on his lips and tongue. In his amazement the room became indistinct as it appeared to be covered with a white haze. Uttering unintelligible sounds he began to be stretched into wispy tendrils that extended towards the floor. The effect reminded him a moment of sand in an hourglass and then the thought disappeared. It scared him a moment when he started to see through his hand as the offering bowl fell and became part of the swirling tempest.
The Lightness of Dust
by M.L. Weaver
Urban/Dark Fantasy
We mortals take solace in knowing that someday our cares will scatter with the dust of our bones. For the gods who walk among us no such hope exists…especially for the goddess who must witness our deaths.

In ancient Anatolia, a young healer fights to reunite with her true love despite her father's desire to profit from her gift.

In Depression-era Seattle, the caretaker of the Persephone Music Hall finds inspiration for his art in the arms of a beautiful foreign violinist.

A university professor in modern-day California struggles to keep his lab and his marriage from the clutches of his enthusiastic new grad student.

A mysterious thread draws these lives together across the span of history and summons one of them toward an unspeakable fate. Follow the thread as mortal cares scatter with The Lightness of Dust.

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