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My Butterfly
by SJ Byrne
Where do you turn when love becomes twisted enough to kill and desire is darker than death?

Where do you go when those you consider family blame you for the volatile episodes in your relationship?

Far Far Away!

Grateful for her aunt's generosity, Katherine Daniels leaves her failed marriage behind and heads to Scotland.

Reconnecting with an artistic talent she'd abandoned under the tyranny of her ex-husband, Katherine begins a journey of healing and self-transformation.

Finding love wasn't on her agenda, but what do you do when it finds you? Though she embraces the man who quickly steals her heart, she's harboring a secret that just may shatter her fragile new existence. Witness one woman's emergence from the dark night of her soul in My Butterfly.
Heart Song
by Peggy L. Henderson
Time Travel Romance
Book 1 in the Yellowstone Romance Series

"I am not good with words, but you make my heart sing, Aimee..."

Nurse and avid backpacker Aimee Donovan is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. She encounters a patient who tells her he can send her two hundred years into the past to spend three months in the rugged Yellowstone wilderness at the dawn of the mountain man era. The only requirement: she cannot tell anyone that she’s from the future.

How did a white woman suddenly appear in the remote Rocky Mountain wilderness? Trapper Daniel Osborne’s first instinct is to protect this mysterious and unconventional woman from the harsh realities of his mountains. While he fights his growing attraction to her, he is left frustrated by her lies and secrecy.

Daniel shows Aimee a side of Yellowstone she’s never experienced. She is torn between her feelings for him, and exposing a secret that will destroy everything he holds as truth. As her three months come to an end, she is faced with a dilemma: return to her own time, or stay with the man who opened her eyes to a whole new world. When the decision is made for her, both their lives will be changed forever.

Forever Mine
by Charlene Raddon
Historical Romance
A mail-order bride from Cincinnati, Ariah Scott had traveled all the way to Oregon to marry one man…only to lose her heart to another. What would become of her now? Ever since her father died at the hands of a vengeful relative, Ariah’s life had been shadowed by dark secrets. And now her forbidden desire for Bartholomew Noon filled her with uncertainty—and a secret longing that could never be fulfilled.

From the moment Bartholomew Noon saw Ariah standing alone in the Portland Station, the keeper of the Cape Meares Light was lost. Hopelessly in love with this angelic beauty who was fated to live beside him at the isolated lighthouse as another man’s wife, Bartholomew never dreamed that destiny would someday bring them together. Would Ariah truly be the woman he could cherish…forever?

Species Intervention #6609
by J.K. Accinni

A 200 year saga commencing during Prohibition, encompassing tender love between divergent species, political downfalls and violence of unspeakable order. When you think you have it figured out....WHAM! You won't see it coming.
Sydney's Song
by Ia uaro
Humorous Romantic Fiction

An undefeatable heroine. A hero to live for. A love no reader will ever forget.Humorous romantic socio fiction and coming-of-age adventures, SYDNEY'S SONG follows an undefeatable girl's courageous journey to adulthood.



Tamara Dragon Warrior
by Donna Hernandez

Tamara had no idea what would happen when she agreed to go to Earth. But when Rogan ,the dark wizard, unleashes his powerful forces, Tamara faces the greatest challenge of her life. To save Warven, the last kingdom of Lira, Tamara must find the courage to do what she fears most...
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